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 RKV Socks Manufacturer and Wholesaler in delhi

RKV Socks is the brand manufactured and marketed by KV Hosiery.

We manufacture all kinds of socks and other hosiery items. Our specialization lies in manufacturing school socks.

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Our Products

  1. Sports Socks
  2. Men’s Socks
  3. Women’s Socks
  4. School Socks

At RKV Socks, we manufacture socks in all sizes for example 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7.

Socks Quality

RKV Socks come under various fine fabric which suits different comfort.

Socks Fabric

Fabric depends on the yarn used for manufacturing socks.

However there are various types of yarn. For example cotton, nylon, pp (also known as polypropylene), pv etc.

For making best quality of socks a blend of these yarn is used for long durability and comfort of the socks

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