Loafer socks

deisgn of loafer socks

Loafer socks are below ankle socks also called invisible socks.
At RKV, we make this socks with silicon at the back of heel to provide grip support and proper comfort.
We manufacture all kinds of socks and are based in Shastri nagar socks market in delhi.

These socks comes in two styles :

  • Designer loafer socks
    • In one bag of 100 dozen, there are multiple designs.
  • Plain loafer socks
    • In one bag of 100 dozen, there are single plain socks with 5-6 solid color socks.

There are many other variants of this particular socks type. One is Indian manufactured and other is Chinese socks.

Customers can get their customised designs on socks as per their demand but at the same time there is a minimum order quantity of 50 dozen per design for any type of socks.

This minimum order quantity of socks can vary depending on the complexity and color of designs.

To remove this issue, companies provide 8 to 10 designs of socks in their 100 dozen bag. Therefore, customers can get a variety of designs in just one bag. However, the option for customisation is always open.

We recommend to check the available new designs before ordering the socks because the patterns get changed over a time and follow a certain theme.

Due to Covid-19, we are also taking orders online so that customers do not have to visit if unable to do so.

what is the size of socks ?

This is a free size socks which is stretchable and anyone above 12 years of age can wear it.

what is quality composition in material ?

Cotton, lycra and silicon at back.

how many pairs in one bag ?

One bag contains 100 dozen socks.

How to order

  1. Call or whatsapp us at 9625390991

  2. Keep your suitable transport details ready.

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