Socks for kids

There are many types of socks for kids which include the cotton socks and cotton lycra socks. Secondly, The most prevalent socks is cotton lycra which everyone prefers to wear for their comfort and fit.
Everyone needs socks for different occasions namely school, sports, casual, formal wear and kids towel socks.

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Loafer socks

Loafer socks are below ankle socks also called invisible socks.
At RKV, we make this socks with silicon at the back of heel to provide grip support and proper comfort.
We manufacture all kinds of socks and are based in Shastri nagar socks market in delhi.

These socks comes in two styles :

  • Designer loafer socks
    • In one bag of 100 dozen, there are multiple designs.
  • Plain loafer socks
    • In one bag of 100 dozen, there are single plain socks with 5-6 solid color socks.

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Women socks

RKV Women socks

We are extremely delighted to showcase our new variety of women socks.

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