Women socks

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RKV Women socks

We are extremely delighted to showcase our new variety of women socks.

These are high quality, pure cotton Lycra ankle socks with multiple colors. Also, there are many different designs in these socks. For example, designer elastic and computerized socks designs.

  • 12 pairs socks box
  • 6 colours in one box
  • multiple designs
  • Woolen and Cotton socks
  • Lycra in socks for stretch

Varieties of Lady socks

Toe-toe socks

Toe-Toe socks only include thumb i.e toes only. There is no heel and the socks are straight tube like structure known as tube socks.

There are several designs of this particular socks which comes in two types of packing :

  • Lusa socks : 10 pairs bunch
  • 1 dozen pack


Snow socks are a Chinese socks for women which are also known as fur socks because they have a velvet type fur inside which also gives a warm and soft feel to feet.

It comes in two color charts, one is skin or black color and other is multi color snow socks.

Towel socks

Women towel socks are winter season socks where the thick towel fabric provides insulation to outside colder temperature as well as a soft comfort to feet. As a result, it is easier to wear for long duration.

These items are prevalent in the socks wholesale market. Take toe-toe socks, and adi towel socks, for instance. This is because these socks are more fancy than the earlier available socks. Secondly, there are more computerised design in these socks.

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