Shastri Nagar Socks Market in Delhi

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Shastri Nagar socks market in delhi is one of the biggest wholesale socks market in India. Here all types of socks are available be it school socks, men’s socks, ladies socks, etc.

One can find all kinds of socks available in the socks market in delhi. Indian and Chinese socks are availalble for kids, men and women. 

MOQ in Shastri Nagar Socks Market

In this socks market socks are available in wholesale only with a minimum order quantity for each item respectively.

Sports ankle socks are 60 dozens in one bag. However, towel socks are 30 to 40 dozens in one bag.

Socks order process

A socks wholesaler in Shastri Nagar would show you all the samples of socks which are available. Customers can select the socks design which meets their requirement.

Customers can select 6-8 such bags in one parcel. The parcel is dispatched to the customer’s mentioned transport and customer gets the booking receipt.

While placing order customers should make sure to check the prices of socks in their order and double check the items mentioned in the order.

RKV Socks by KV Hosiery

At RKV, we manufacture all types of socks of best quality.
RKV Socks uses latest manufacturing techniques to make high quality cotton socks.

We specialize in computer designed socks. Our range of designer socks comes in multiple size styles :

  • Ankle socks
  • Full socks
  • sneaker socks
  • loafer socks

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